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VIVAD Confluence Inter School Debate Championship is one of its own kind, and only event in the entire district which provides a common platform to all young debaters to reach a common agreement. Three Chapters have been successfully conducted since 2017, with more than 200 participants, more than 20 schools and in three categories, three languages. Appreciation of a higher degree has been received from esteemed jury from various fields for this successful mega event.

Mad About Series- This is a unique parent driven annual initiative of our school and aims at taking learning out of the confines of the textbook and making it fun and relatable while inculcating the spirit of curiosity and enquiry amongst the children. The school has organized Mad About Tales, Mad About Colours, Mad About Khel, Mad About Health and Wellness till date. The initiative works on a unique format with the parent community, supported by the staff spearhead it and wear the mantle of teachers. They help the Confliers explore and delve deep into an array of age appropriate concepts and topics through use of multimedia, hands on activities and experiments, dance, music, theatre, storytelling etc. The culmination of nearly a month long preparation is through a day long mega fair, wherein each class has individual stalls and display working models, charts, audio-visual material, conduct live experiments and explain the concept and application to the visitors to the stall.