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Confluence believes that the soul of a school lies in enhancing the value delivered in the actual Learning Transaction, be it between a teacher and students or between students themselves, be it inside the classroom or outside. We lay emphasis on all three components of the learning environment – the students, the building and infrastructural facilities, and quality teachers. With an aim to provide individual attention to all students, a Confluence classroom has a maximum of 28 children. Child specific reporting and profiling allows for deeper understanding of each student. School counseling services are provided for early intervention for children’s emotional and psychological development.

We encourage the students to experience, experiment, think, question and learn, and not force them to give in to accept the structured content of a textbook. We focus on activity based learning with the use of infrastructure provisions in school like the Mathematics Lab, Robotics Lab, Language Lab etc. Reading, Communication Skills and DEED (Drama, Elocution, Extempore and Debate) are built into the curriculum design. Use of Multiple Intelligence concepts in teaching, and use of QCT (Quality Circle Time), Homeroom Time and DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read) add dimensions to the Confluence pedagogy.

We believe in making the physical learning environment conducive to the learning process. The concept of BaLA (Building as a Learning Aid) enables integration of learning elements within the school building itself. We have taken special care in making the building friendly for the differently-abled. And, we have made the choice of a non-AC building for the school in concurrence of the thought that children should rough it out in the natural environment in their growing years.

Sports, Physical Education, Yoga and Aerobics are a part of the curriculum to develop healthy habits in children right from childhood. Regular theme based assemblies are a core element of the teaching methodology. The school also provides students an option for pursuing sports and performing arts activities under specialized coaches as part of school’s after school activities programme.

The school’s social connect initiative is a way of engaging with the society, while sensitizing the students to the realities of the immediate external social environment. The school works with some government schools in terms of providing infrastructure support and student exchange programmes. Other social campaigns are taken up from time to time. The school provides meals to all the students. The idea is to provide healthy and wholesome nutrition to the children, to help them improve their eating habits as well as table manners. In order to maintain a check on the quality, periodic testing of Food and Water samples is conducted and reports are shared with the parents.

The school believes in high involvement of parents as the third axis to complete the Teacher-Student combine, and their engagement in a meaningful School-Parent partnership. We view them as partners in their children’s education. Parents as judges in Inter House events and in attendance for their wards’ assemblies are regular features at the school.