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We are committed to provide long term solutions to academic challenges, we endeavour that all students construct knowledge and acquire life skills that promote sustainable development and modern lifestyles. We use digital tools and resources to support teaching practices. These well thought out teaching methods applied through communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, through critical thinking and problem solving will positively help your child learn the right way.

Language I English

Language II Hindi

Language III French /Sanskrit

By applying the ‘learning to think’ concept, it becomes mandatory for each student to develop and utilize the skills of effectively expressing their thoughts, opinions and perspectives. At our school children are given the freedom to articulate their perceptions, gain a panoramic understanding of every aspect, pertaining to national and global topics. Our teachers encourage every student to effectively communicate ideas and collaborate with fellow classmates through team work.

Science and Technology

Where do ideas stem from and why are they required in the modern world of futuristic technologies and inventions? Our students use a range of techniques that involve the creation of ideas. They get adequate stimulation and encouragement to practice thinking out of the box.

Mathematics and Computers

The doorway to critical thinking is the art of implementing its components in the right manner. As the present times encompass the components of ICT, we envision the future to be shaping up from the minds of the younger generation. Critical thinking therefore becomes a demand by default in order to have our Confliers excel in every sphere of life.

Visual and Performing Arts (Arts/Theatre/Music/Dance)

The resultant uptake of comprehensive knowledge is then applied through, visual and performing arts, demonstrations, drawings and creations.