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We are anchored by a holistic Junior School curriculum that encourages children to be academically inquisitive as well as facilitates critical and creative thinking and nurtures qualities of character in them developing a strong foundation for learning. We value formal and informal, traditional and contemporary learning and teaching styles. Our experiential curriculum reinforces the classroom learning by applying knowledge through practical tasks, problem solving, and investigation skills.

Our major subjects and areas of learning are:

Languages (English/Hindi):  Confluence World School’s academically and artistically rich approach to reading, literary analysis, critical thinking, writing, speaking and listening is the keystone to our language curriculum. We develop the language skills by numerous language enrichment activities like JAM, Debate, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) and DEED (Drama Elocution Extempore Debate)

Environmental Science: EVS curriculum is designed to enthrall and inspire students with the wonders of natural world. Students learn by the methods of questioning and discovery. Driven by curiosity our young adventurers acquire hands on experiences by scientific investigations. Confliers are motivated to use their existing knowledge along with scientific thoughts, vocabulary, tools and processes in their continual quest for information and understanding.

Math: We believe that Math is an abstract, ordered, logical and convergent language that in the earliest years requires connection to the real world so we combine traditional skill development with practical applications.

Computer: We have an inclusive curriculum that includes essential computer skills including navigation, typing, word processing, multimedia presentations and other age appropriate CBSE prescribed curriculum.

Co Scholastic activities:  Our Co Scholastic areas include Dance, Yoga, Arts, Sports, Theatre and Music. This 360 learning approach develops creative, sensory skills and leadership skills, which promotes a healthy balanced and happy lifestyle.