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Confluence World School believes that each child has innate potential and need the right kind of environment to develop to his/her fullest. “Every star has the right to twinkle”. The school ethos and vision make Confluence an “child centric, progressive and an inclusive school”. Individualized attention and focus on the student’s actual behavior and performance makes the school “one of its kind”. Differences are enjoyed, mistakes are celebrated and learning becomes fun at the school. The need of every child is determined and support is provided accordingly.

Child specific reporting and profiling allows for deeper understanding of each student. Regular professional development ensures that the faculty is updated with the latest pedagogical practices. We thus enrich our curriculum with a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This allows students to take some initiatives independently, develop their creativity, become more expressive and gain in confidence. With our child centric approach, we focus on equipping our students to deal with their present situations effectively so that they may approach the future with confidence.